We are a small family distillery and we have a rigorous testing process during the production. Our copper alembic still are traditional since 1957.  Now, due to renovation and re-launch of production, our copper pot stills our pot stills are fitted with the modern facilities in order to obtain the best and natural brandy

Traditionally, copper pot stills were commonly made using 100% food copper DHP. Originally, stills were likely made only from copper because it is very malleable and easy to form, and conducts heat better than almost any other common metal.

The oldest and most traditional alembics includes an boiler (copper pot still), a neck, and arm from the pot to the condenser.


The modern distillery and very easy to control especial to the quality resulted, is to distilling using the Dephlegmator with Copper tube. The copper tube makes it possible to install a maximum heat exchange area in the smallest space. The numerous, thin cooling pipes form an extremely large and effective cooling surface. As a result, the dephlegmator is especially efficient and water-saving. The cooling area and thus the cooling effect are infinitely adjustable with a user-friendly control system; this special design lets the dephlegmator respond instantly to changes.