Gogota Family Distilery from Maramures.

The story: in 1957 The young men, Gogota George during his hunting adventure in Maramures village Valea Stejarului, running to catch a wild boar, find two local young beautiful sisters, gathering plums on their orchards near forest. George, took his wife one of these beautiful sisters and seeing the sublimely taste of these plums decides to establish a small distillery in honor of this moment.

With more than forty five years ago our family began to produce the Horinca from plums for life events and celebration !

After this period of experience in producing of various distillates, we combine family heritage along with the newest technology and facilities like a fully-licensed distilled spirits plant according with the EU regulations and new & modern processing and bottling operations flux in order to produce the exquisite brandies of many types of fruits especially from Plums, Apple, Pears, Wild Cherry, Quince,  Horns and Grape.
For better blending control and for exquisite quality we distill and age the different aged potion separately, then blend the brandies to achieve a balance of flavors that have length on the palate and a complex depth.

Like a small family distillery and we have a rigorous testing process during the production. Our copper alembic still are traditional since 1957.  After the second World War when in norther Transilvania in a small village Valea Stejarului Gogota Gheorghe established the first authorized distillery in the village.

Now, Stefan Gogota the son, heritor (who has lot of experience in hospitality management, communication, marketing and HoReCa development), along with his nephew (brother) Ioan Andrei Botis (who has lot of experience in real estate management, green buildings, valuation & development), started to rebuild this distillery with modern but traditional production facilities but strictly maintaining the traditional rules. Due to renovation and re-launch of production, our copper pot stills our pot stills are fitted with the modern facilities and especially with the recharred cask (own special patented method) in order to obtain the best and natural maturated premium brandy fully handcrafted in a small family farm, where people and HORINCA live by century-old rules !