This Handcrafted fruit Brandy – Horinca, has been produced in our area/Maramures for over 700 years. In the vein of this tradition, Gogota Family has improved the technological process creating their own special recipes. Now, we boast and continue family heritage & recipes building a new and modern distillery equipped the newest technology and facilities like a fully-licensed distilled spirits plant according with the EU regulations and new & modern processing and bottling operations flux. which guarantees a 100 % natural and original product, fully handcrafted, made from selected fruit, manually gathered from the organic area of Valea Stejarului. This legendary land in Maramures, with gentle valleys and sunny hills is perfect for our orchards, ensuring an excellent climate for the rich taste fruit that give this Horinca unique properties & exclusive qualities


The family legend !

In 1957 The young men, Gogota George during his hunting adventure in Maramures village Valea Stejarului, running to catch a wild boar, find two local young beautiful sisters, gathering plums on their orchards near forest. George, took his wife one of these beautiful sisters and seeing the sublimely taste of these plums decides to establish a small distillery in honor of this moment.