Superior Matured 4YO Plum Brandy

Our Handcrafted Plum Brandy – Horinca carefully double distilled in copper alembic stills from a specific selection of ripe plums and matured for several years in finest oak casks of different origins Demptos and Francois Frerer. and especially the superior ones Plum, is extra matured in the special recharred oak casks, by our own unique method, to brings lighter notes of dried fruits, hints of distant sweet aromatic smoke, along with a gentle fruity touch. The taste is balanced and ripe, with an interesting acidity, which gives it freshness. In the aftertaste, the fruity aromas reach their climax, being accentuated by the well-integrated alcohol, the whole aromatic landscape being completed by some hints of vanilla, oak wood and bitter chocolate, conferred by the maturation in oak cask. Blending comes with a casks strength smack for rich and sumptuous taste.

Harves: 2015, Distilled: winter 2016, Matured: 4 Y, Bottled: winter 2020










Bottle size

700 mL




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Dedicated to the pursuit of exceptional pear brandy

Brandy specsTasting notes

Our spirits are a fine double distilled with the specific taste and aroma of selected fruits. It is produced in limited quantities -Small Batches.

Brandy specsFood pairings

Barbecued Tri-tip, Mustard-rubbed Pork Loin, parmesan and black pepper pasta (Cacio e Pepe), Pork Ribs, Roast beef, Matured Beef, Baked Duk, Sousages, Gulas, Poprikas, Matured Cheese, Chokolate desert.